MK Lavie heads to Norway: celebrating Israel independence

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MK Lavie heads to Norway: celebrating Israel independence

The Israeli delegation of MK’s head to Norway to celebrate Israel’s 70th year of Independence and new friendships.

This weekend, a host of MK’s as part of the Israeli delegation, including MK Dr. Aliza Lavie, Chairwoman of the Knesset’s Israel – Norway Parliamentary friendship group, attended a host of events and meetings in Norway. The Israeli-Jewish Congress, a leading independent Israel based organization also attended as part of the Israeli delegation.

The conference honored and celebrated Israel’s 70th Independence Day.

This event was organized by Med for Fred (MIFF) – With Israel for Peace and is the largest non-religious pro- Israel membership with more than 10,000 members. The primary work of MIFF is to advocate for Israel in Norway as well as fighting the BDS.

MK Lavie, spoke of the rise anti-Semitism in Europe and the challenges that Israel is facing.

“Israel currently faces severe challenges, including the spread of anti-Semitism and the increase of the bureaucott initiatives around Europe,” she said. “This event is an excellent opportunity to discuss the continuation of our mutual objectives in these fields, together with our loyal and strong supporters in Norway.”

During the Gala for Israel, MK Lavie was invited as a key note speaker.

‘Born out of struggle, we have labored to build an incredible country, to provide a place of pride for our people everywhere. To ensure that the land of our forefathers and the land of the bible once again bears the fruits of creativity and love. ‘

Alongside other MK’s of the Israeli delegation, MK Lavie discussed a wide range of issues including; the Israeli Palestinian conflict, regional issues and domestic concerns.

This event has succeeded in renewing relationships between Israel and Norway. In addition to this exciting event and the renewal of relations, Norway has now become the 38th country with a pro – Israel parliamentary caucus.

After many years and as part of the renewed efforts to strengthen bi lateral relations, have re-established the Friendship group in Norway. It was agreed that members of the Norwegian Parliamentary friendship group would visit Israel this year.

Two parties in the Norwegian Parliament have expressed the support in moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

Every partner in Europe is an asset to Israel in the fight against anti-Semitism and the legitimacy of Israel.

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