Dr. Aliza Lavie to Receive National Jewish
Book Award

    Beth Jacob synagogue of Irvine
Jewish Woman's Prayer Book
class in Beth Jacob synagogue
of Irvine

    Beth Jacob synagogue of Irvine
Jewish Woman's Prayer Book
class in Beth Jacob synagogue
of Irvine

Fanny Neuda's synagogue
Photo: Lostice synague reconstruction

2nd Annual ICJA Women's Luncheon

2008 National Jewish
 Book Award

Jewish Woman's Prayer Book
the winner of the category of Women's Studies

At 2008 National Jewish
 Book Award

Aliza Lavie with Carolyn Hessel

Aliza Lavie with Blu Greenberg

This is My Prayer -- Va'ani Tefillati
Plenary Keynote:
Jewish Women's Prayers
Are Coming Home! Dr. Aliza Lavie
The JTS Jack and Lewis Rudin Lecture | Conference Program
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A Jewish Woman's Prayer Book  A Jewish Womans Prayer Book is a mosaic of prayers and the life stories of the women who composed them, has given rise to a longing for the world of mothers and grandmothers even if they never spoke about it (or perhaps we didnt want to listen. Generations of mothers and grandmothers kept this world, and their prayers, carefully guarded. The source of our restlessness is impossible to locate; nowhere in the book can we point to the source of our longing. But it is there, and it keeps reminding us of its presence. It is this longing that inspired the words then, and that continues to smolder within them, warming so many hearts today. Read More

The book attempts to present the prayers in such a way as to preserve their authenticity while appealing to contemporary men and women. I would be glad to receive reactions, information, and ideas that could broaden and enrich the discourse on this site and in other forums, as well as for the purposes of further research.

Letter of Approbation by Rabbi Lau - To Purchase the Book

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 The girlfriends of fallen IDF soldiers: The pain that never goes away
Once again, Israel has embarked on its yearly journey from the deep pain of Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day) to the great joy of Yom HaAtzmaut (69 Israel Independence Day). With millions of Israelis and Jews around the world, I will bow my head at the mark of the memorial siren and remember the soldiers who list their lives fighting for the freedom of the Jewish state.

 Israel must not betray its own people
Last week, Jewish media erupted after Israels rabbinic court rejected a conversion performed by Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, rabbi emeritus of Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun (KJ) and principal of the Ramaz School in New York City. The Petah Tikva court prevented Nicole, an American woman who converted under esteemed spiritual leader Rabbi Lookstein, from marrying her Israeli fiancé, claiming that she is not a Jew.

 Bridging The Gap
As a firm believer in the importance of relations between Israel and the Diaspora, I dedicate a great deal of time to dealing with core issues that worry Jews overseas, meeting with a variety of representatives of world Jewry, and trying to promote more inclusive policies. This is why I often invite American Jewish interns to join my team and assist in our outreach to the English speaking community, and also to always make sure their voices are heard.

 Strengthening identity: Noble goals, poor execution
Amidst this emotional struggle for the presidency in the United States, one thing can be said for certain: whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump wins, Jewish grandchildren will be living in the White House. A more complicated question arises when we consider what would happen if these grandchildren chose to make aliyah one day. Will they be received with open arms as Jews, or will they face the barriers of bureaucracy, suspicion, and arrogance, which have become symbols of the religious establishment in Israel today?

 Conversion / Aliza Lavie

 Pardon My Outrage
As a basic rule, the institution of parole lies at the foundation of both democracy and Judaism, reflecting Israeli societys highest regard for forgiveness and compassion. In any egalitarian society, there must be an extra-judicial body that embodies the value of mercy and honors the will to begin anew in those with past sins weighing heavily on their consciences.

 U.S. Jewish Community Must Show Israel How to Deal With Sexual Abuse, Haaretz

 Basic marriage rights don't endanger Jewish tradition / Haaretz

 Change the status quo on conversions / The Jerusalem Post

 Conversion and Acceptance: Lessons Israel can learn from American Jews
The plane lands on the tarmac to a rousing round of applause. As the passengers exit, they walk down the stairs and kiss the ground at Ben Gurion Airport. Flight after flight, year after year, Jews from all over the world have found refuge in Israel.

 Change the status quo on conversions / The Jerusalem Post

 Lets Remove Slander from Our Online Speech
A month ago a tragedy struck our society. Ariel Ronis, an Interior Ministry official, committed suicide after a post on Facebook accusing him of racism went viral. Roniss death shocked many of us. It resurfaced the issue of public shaming on the Internet and put the problematic use of social media into the spotlight.

 Religion and state: So much more to do
The results of the elections for the 19th Knesset and the coalition that was created as a result brought great hope for progress on the issue of religion and state in Israel. The religious Zionist camp was very well represented by the growth of the Jewish Home party and representatives in other parties, like Yesh Atid, in the governing coalition.

 What women achieved in this Knesset
With the formation of the 19th Knesset I was privileged to be appointed Chairwoman of the Committee for the Status of Women and Gender Equality. I was determined to transform the committee into the address for all women from all sectors in Israel.

 Women learn Torah too
Its not news to anybody, women also learn Torah. For quite some time now, Torah learning isnt exclusively a mens domain.

 When marriage is a crime
Not too long ago, rabbis all over the world were allowed to preside over weddings wherever they were. There was no registry and there was no governmental body overseeing the individual rabbis.

The Battle We Can Wage
   In times such as these, we support the Israeli soldiers and their activities, and hope
   that there will be peace so they can safely return home to their families...

Operation Protective Edge: Simple Yet Complicated
  Our goal in Operation Protective Edge is simple: To restore quiet to the South of Israel.
  We cannot accept terrorist groups firing rockets at our citizens and innocent civilians.

Meet Aliza: Frequently Asked Questions
   Do you see any contradiction on being an Orthodox Jew and a leader for women rights
   in Israel? Not at all! Being observant..

Keeping our cool in crisis
  In recent days we have run into a multi-dimensional situation that requires an
  immediate, decisive response to prevent further deterioration.

Moving forward: Crystallizing the unity
  he tragic events of the past couple of weeks have broken our hearts and tested our
  faith. The turn of events have caused us to turn inward, to unify in mourning..

Expert Concerned Over Zuckerberg's Intermarriage By Elad Benari, Arutz 7

Its complicated: Zuckerberg, Chan and intermarriage among Jews By Allison Kaplan
  Sommer, Haaretz

Lets pray like in America / Ynetnews

An accessible god - with me always / Shma

Medieval Siddur reveals egalitarian prayer / Ynetnews

Steinitz advisor equates Russian olim with infiltrators / Ynetnews

My God / Yedioth Aharonoth, Shavot, 2006

A Woman Before God / Yedioth Aharonoth, Pesach 5771 - April 24, 2011

Sliding to the left? Contemporary American Modern Orthodoxy / Yehuda Turetsky and
  Chaim I. Waxman

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Appoint an Halakhic Advisor to the Bureau of the Chief Chaplain
  of the I.D.F. / nrg

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Knesset Embarrassments Carry a Price / ynet

Like a Queen - Sources and Thoughts / Kolekh article

Womens Study Revolution / nrg Judaism article

The Minister of Education and Her War Against Judaism

Gender, News Discourse, and an Armed Nation / Haaretz

A Sword Hanging Over Jewish Studies - or Pluralism? Ynet article

Seek the Woman / Yediot Aharonot

Recommendation for Prof. Hanna Safrai for the Presidency, 2008



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