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"Ve-ha-Reshut Netuna"
 channel 10

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Israel's Channel 10 broadcast an interview with CTVP Director Rabbi Menachem Kutner about the work of Chabad's Terror Victims Project.
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Ve-ha-Reshut Netuna” (“Permission Is Given”)
Weekly Interview Program with Aliza Lavie
Friday afternoons, Channel 10

Second season for this talk show presented by Aliza Lavie. Aliza interviews a broad range of personalities, each of whom maintains a vibrant, inquiring and demanding dialogue with his/her Jewish and Israeli identity.
During this season Aliza will speak with Rabbi Chaim Amram Ifargan about the popularity of Kabbalah specifically in our times; actress Renana Raz will talk about her Jewish dancing; MK Sheikh Ibrahim Tzartzur will discuss the transition from religion to politics; and Rabbi Yerahmiel Weiss will share his way of dealing with the murder of his students at Yeshivat Merkaz ha-Rav. Avigayil Sperber will analyze the relations between the religious community and homosexuals and lesbians, and Yankeleh Agmon will be encouraging religious youth to take on the challenge of theater.

Guests on the show reveal, for the first time, their “toolbox for life”, expressing frankly their questions and doubts and discussing the dialogue of identity that accompanies them.
The show also focuses on new study initiatives, books, plays and films, and the encounter between halakha and artistic creativity.
Other guests will include Haim Be’er, Sefi Rachlevsky, Prof. Shlomo Sand, David Kroyanker, Yair Sheleg, Oded Zahavi, Eli Luzon, Prof. Amia Lieblich, Dr. Shelly Goldberg, and others.

Friday afternoons and afternoons preceding Jewish holidays - 14:00, Channel 10
Production: “New Generation Productions”

For more details: Lee Shira, New Generation Productions, 054-4440338

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