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“A voice called and I went.” – Hana Sanesh

Amidst the genuine fear for our cherished homeland’s destruction, as our beloved country, Israel, faces unprecedented challenges, and in these trying times when the unity of our Israeli society seems fractured, our very existence feels precarious.

Out of a real and common concern for our country, we decided to stand up, act, and prove that it is possible otherwise. We joined a women’s council made up of women leaders who stand up and take responsibility.

From the extensive experience and knowledge of each one of us in her own field, and from our historical backgrounds, we know that women have unifying powers. At crisis points, women discovered responsibility for the community, the family, and the individual, and led to change through the language of partnership, dialogue, and common goals.

Who We Are

The 120- Women Leadership Council, is a gathering of women from a wide spectrum of views and sectors of society in Israel, who have set themselves the goal of uniting thousands of women from all over the country, and embarking together on a journey that crosses views and opinions, a journey of connecting a dream and recovery, a journey of repairing the home.

1. The Foundation of the Charter of Women Leaders
On Rosh Chodesh Nisan 5783 we gathered at the President’s house and with the blessing of the President’s wife, Mrs. Michal Herzog, we set out on a sisterhood journey, in which we will work to identify the characteristics of female leadership. During the journey, an Israeli charter will be launched at the President’s House, on the first day of Nissan, 5784.

The participants of the journey will gather at the beginning of the Hebrew months, in different and diverse places throughout the country. At each meeting a leader from history who made a significant contribution will be introduced.

For the first time, the charter will include women’s leadership tools in all core issues – from the limits of discourse and consent to proposing solutions on weighty issues such as military recruitment or personal status. We will hold discussion circles of the project’s participants representing a broad spectrum of sectors and views in Israeli society. The formulation of each core topic will be guided by at least two women leaders in the field with different views from each other. In the future, we will work to implement the charter in Israel’s leadership avenues, in trainings, in organizations and more.

2. Now It Is Your Turn

The power of women’s voices resonates profoundly, and their absence in the public sphere hampers meaningful discourse, leading to escalating tensions and a lack of empathy.

To prevent further destruction, a noble initiative arises:

1. A Women’s Guard — dedicated to eradicating the violence that plagues our lives, easing tensions in the public sphere, and enhancing personal security. A representative of the Women’s Guard will steadfastly advocate for presence and moderation in spaces where rules are blatantly violated. Through fostering collaboration among women’s organizations, we aim to rejuvenate the sisterhood that has waned amidst deepening political polarization and ideological divides.

2. The emerging “A Parliament of Light” aspires to dismantle stereotypes, amplify the resounding and confident female voice, and establish a clear alternative of female-led leadership.

Founders: Aliza Lavie (PhD), Rabbi Tamar Elad Appelbaum, Sarah Rozenfled, Tali Dvir-Livnat

Steering Committee: Ariela Greenberg, Bat Sheva Sadan, Dalia Fenig, Liora Tushinsky, Limor Weisber, Shoshy Itzhaki

Director of Foreign Relations: Rivka Rosenberg, PhD

Project Coordinator: Dalia Fenig daliafenig1@gmail.com | 050-6282237

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