Insurance For All

Insurance For All

“MK Aliza Lavie: “Our duty is to protect the basic rights of those who served the state”



On Sunday, a bill proposed by MK Aliza Lavie (who has a future) to grant pension insurance to discharged soldiers at their workplace will be submitted to the Ministerial Committee on Legislation for the first time. From disability and death to a discharged soldier after three months of employment with the employer.


Today, when a discharged soldier begins his first job in civilian life, he is not entitled to insurance against injury, loss of ability to work or death during the first six months of his work. Unlike the situation of workers with an active fund, a discharged soldier can not accumulate the qualifying period as required during his service, and often remains exposed without pension rights and without insurance coverage in case of injury. Therefore, the proposal seeks to determine that the employer of a discharged soldier who has not yet completed two years of service from the date of his employment begins to be insured in pension insurance, including cover for death and disability from 90 days after the commencement of his employment.


MK Aliza Lavie: The existing arrangement is outdated and leaves young people vulnerable to unprotected coverage for many months, and discharged soldiers usually work in temporary and temporary jobs after their release, and remain exposed during the period when they are taking their first steps in the world of work. It is our duty as a state to assist and support them in integrating into the labor market and not to face them in the face of serious cases of injury, loss of ability to work, or God forbid. Obstacles at the beginning of their path, I hope very much that the Ministry of Finance And will prove that the concern for the soldiers and their rights is at the top of his agenda. “


Moshe Hershkowitz, a discharged soldier who served three years in Givati: “A week after my discharge, I started working full-time for five months, and when I asked my employer about a pension I was told that only after half a year would I begin to receive a pension and be insured. That time period like me, and after three months, a pension fund was opened for her, and if I were hurt, no one would take care of me, many think it’s nonsense and do not take it for granted. “


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