Helping Diaspora women in trapped marriages

Helping Diaspora women in trapped marriages

Aliza Lavie spoke at a special meeting with European Rabbinate and Jewish Community Members to discuss a new law meant to punish Diaspora husbands who refuse to provide their wives with a get. The Rabbinical Court Marriage and Divorce Judgement bill is a response to these helpless women. The Israeli rabbinical can hear cases from couples from outside Israel if there is no rabbinical court where the couple lives, four months have passed since the couple have appeared before a rabbinical court, or if a rabbinical court has already ruled in favor of the wife and the husband has still not complied. MK Lavie affirmes that as a Jewish state, Israel has a responsibility to help these women. Additionally, MK Lavie made it clear that she will continue fighting for Jewish women in distress in Israel and around the world. Under the new law, the Israeli rabbinate can prevent the husband from leaving Israel and even put him in prison until a get is provided. Aliza Lavie praised the support from Israeli and Diaspora leaders in helping to get this important bill passed.


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