Sanctions against victims overturned

Sanctions against victims overturned

MK Aliza Lavie: “The amendment to this outdated law must be passed before the Knesset is dispersed. The exposure itself is part of the rehabilitation process, deterring the offenders, increasing public awareness and protecting the victims in the future. “

The draft law that will allow victims and victims of sexual offenses to be voluntarily exposed in the media and on social networks has been unanimously discussed at the Knesset Committee for the Advancement of the Status of Women – for the first time in a second and third reading in the Knesset plenum. MK Aliza Lavie, the law initiator stated: “The reality today is distorted. The law protects the attacker and deterred and silences the victim. A year has passed since the #metoo campaign was launched and witnessed a 230% increase in the number of complaints of women who experienced sexual harassment. It is inconceivable that all those courageous women exposed in the campaign are considered criminals in Israel! The numbers call out the need for victims and victims of sexual offenses to break the silence and receive exposure and social recognition. ”

In reality today, the Penal Law prescribes that the advertiser the name or identity of the victim of a sexual offense or of a complainant that they were injured in a sexual offense, without giving his consent before the court – shall be sentenced to one year imprisonment. This prohibition also applies to media outlets that interview the victim of the offense or those who complained that he was a victim of sexual offenses, so that victims of an offense can not publish their name or identity without the court’s approval process.

“We are in an age that encourages exposure and boldness. The law that I initiated is intended to correct the gap and adapt the law to the reality on the ground. We must protect the victims, who at times exposure and the public track is the last resort for them and to return their voices to them. ”


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