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Dr. Aliza Lavie is an Israeli academic, author, politician and social entrepreneur. She is recognized as one of the most dominant advocates in Israel for Jewish culture and identity, advancing the status of women in Judaism and in Israeli society, strengthening Israel-Diaspora relations, and promoting pluralism. She is a sought-after speaker both in Israel and around the world.


Dr. Lavie was born in Israel in 1964. She has a PhD from Bar Ilan University, where she is now a lecturer in Communications. She served as a member of the Knesset for Yesh Atid between 2013 and 2019. During her tenure in the Knesset, Dr. Lavie served as chair of the Committee on the Status of Women and Gender-Equality and chair of the Committee to Combat Women Trafficking and Prostitution. She is the recipient of the Outstanding Parliamentary Award for her contribution and ground-breaking legislations.

Lavie is the author of five books. Her work Women’s Prayer (Random House) won the prestigious National Jewish Book Award in 2008. Her most recent book “Iconic Jewish Women” is designed as an educational resource and tool for Bat Mitzvah girls who wish to connect more deeply to their history and to strengthen their own identities as women in the Jewish community.

Lavie is also the Founder of BLNG – Bridding Heritage & Innovation for Jewish Youth, an educational technology venture that connects users to their heritage through an interactive online experience based on the legacies of female Jewish role models.

She is married to attorney Zuriel Lavie and lives in Netanya. They have four children and eight grandchildren.

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