Achievement for Knesset: EU Condemns PA Support of Terrorism

Achievement for Knesset: EU Condemns PA Support of Terrorism

 Aliza Lavie: ”Biased and one – sided decisions do not advance peace, they only distance it.”

A delegation from the Knesset, led by MK Aliza Lavie (Yesh Atid Party) traveled to Europe this week to fight a resolution being brought against Israel and the United States. At the center of this decision was condemnation of President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, undermining its status as a fair mediator in the conflict and Israeli policy. In addition, the delegation managed to include in the final report an additional section asking the Palestinian Authority to cease support of terrorists and their families. Lavie stated: ‘Instead of condemning terror, the only democracy in the region is continuously condemned by the EU.’

Strasbourg, France: The Knesset delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe headed by MK Aliza Lavie (Yesh Atid Party) succeeded in softening the comprehensive draft resolution which included protesting US recognition of Jerusalem, Israeli construction in the “Occupied Territories” and destruction of Palestinian homes.

MK Lavie stated after the vote: ‘The European institutions’ obsession with Israel has remained the same despite Israel being the only stable democracy in the region. However, as a result of persistence and effort, for the first time we have been able to add to the report an unequivocal call to halt support for terrorists and their families. In addition, we were able to prevent a number of additional violations the Palestinians demanded be added to the resolution. Behind the scenes, more states have shown inclination towards receptiveness to our claims and our efforts bear fruit, albeit partially.’

Despite this, unfortunately, many members of the European Council are still blind to the fact that the conflict did not begin with Trump’s announcement or construction in Jerusalem, but rather stems from the consistent refusal of the Palestinians to accept Israel’s very existence in any territory.

Many still believe that the same formula, having been tried again and again in the past, will miraculously achieve different results. MK Lavie made it clear in her speech and in conversations, that the insistence of adopting every Palestinian demand and advancing false and unfounded decisions is detrimental to peace – not only does this not promote peace, it harms and distances it. This is because it encourages the Palestinians to continue to avoid direct negotiations. It is difficult – but we will continue to insist and tell the truth on every platform.

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