For Alexandra, the importance of Challah

For Alexandra, the importance of Challah

This past weekend MK Lavie found herself in Oslo, Norway for a special event to celebrate Israel’s 70th Independence Day with new partners, having been a part of the renewed bilateral ties between Israel and Norway.

Upon realizing that there were no kosher bakers and MK Lavie would be unable to celebrate the holy Sabbath with Challot (kosher bread), she almost gave up!

“As head of the Israel-Norway Parliamentary Friendship Group, myself and other MK’s came to this conference to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Israel, with the aim of expanding cooperation and support for Israel.’’

This situation that she found herself was even more poignant as MK Lavie comments: “This past Shabbat, our family and friends had decided to bake challah and recite blessings of health in honor of a person who is unwell. These blessings of health were for my dear sister-in-law, Alexandra, who is suffering from cancer. I was very upset when I realized that I would not be in Israel for this.’’

Just before the Holy Sabbath came in, MK Lavie received a knock on the door. It was from Rabbi Shaul, the head of Chabad in Oslo. His wife Esther had baked hot, fragrant Challot. Rabbi Shaul taught the Chabad tradition of Pesach II (which falls on Sunday) – it is for those who are unable to celebrate the first Passover.

MK Lavie dedicated those fresh challot to her sister in law Alexandra.

Here we understand an important message: Nothing is ever lost, you just have to find a way to repair it.


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