Aliza Lavie – Online webinar on World Jewish Congress

Aliza Lavie – Online webinar on World Jewish Congress

A priority of the World Jewish Congress is to highlight women and promote their strengths and achievements.

Therefore, in celebration of Shavuot, we are pleased to invite you to a webinar with former MK and author Dr. Aliza Lavie on 20 June 2024 at 10 am EST/ 16 CET / 17 IST.

In her book Iconic Jewish Women, Aliza Lavie – former MK, social entrepreneur and author – describes how, over the course of history, Jewish women have served as leaders, changemakers, teachers, scholars, and revolutionaries. According to Lavie, their actions have made the world what it is today; their stories model for us how much can be accomplished when one has the vision and determination to pursue a dream.

In an online event that will last roughly 45 minutes, WJC Commissioner for Gender Equality and Inclusion Marie van der Zyl will introduce the event and the author.

Aliza Lavie described her process and motivation for writing the book during the online webinar and respond to questions in a conversation facilitated by WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps member Elizabeth Chen.

Full lecture on the World Jewish Congress website


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