Electronic Ankle Bracelets for Men Suspected of Violence Against Partner

Electronic Ankle Bracelets for Men Suspected of Violence Against Partner

MK Aliza Lavie: ”A Critical step in the struggle to end violence against women. We can prevent the next tragedy.”

The Knesset plenum unanimously approved MK Lavie’s bill aimed at preventing domestic violence a preliminary vote. According to the proposal, men suspected of potentially violating restraining orders against will have to wear electronic ankle bracelets. If the order has been violated, both the domestic violence victim and the police will be immediately notified.


 Since 2011, 131 women have been murdered by their partners. In just the past few weeks, tragically six women have been murdered. In some of these cases, domestic violence had been reported beforehand to the police and welfare officials. This bill proposes the use of a technological solution, a GPS-based ankle monitor, which will supervise the court-issued restraining order and report both the police and the domestic violence survivor if it is broken. This information is pretended to further protect the victim and allow her to live with more peace of mind.

The current solutions offered by the state to protect women at risk of violence from their partners are limited to primarily women’s shelters. Shelters force women to interrupt her routine and leave her home and work, which has the potential to leave herself and her children in economic distress.
This legislation will enable to courts to order electronic supervision, granting law enforcement authorities an essential enforcement tool and women greater independence and a higher level of security. It should be noted that the order for electronic monitoring will be granted only after a court hearing assess the level of potential danger in the presence of both parties.  The implementation of similar legislation in other countries around the world has shown that electronic surveillance can save lives, and that implementation in Israel could help in ending murders and violence against women.
Aliza Lavie: We have taken another important step in protecting women who have experiences the onslaught of domestic violence and are still in real danger. With the tragic wave of murders in the past few weeks, it is impossible to wait another minute in taking steps to prevent the next disaster. There is no reason why a victim should be confined to a shelter and shut off from her daily routine. This proposal is an important component in the overall struggle against domestic violence and for the rehabilitation and independence of victims. I thank Minister Gilad Erdan for his support of this law and his commitment.
Minister Gilad Erdan: Electronic monitoring will constantly surveil and deter violent spouses from approaching, attacking, threatening or attacking the victim. This is one of the many steps that I promote in the fight against domestic violence.

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