Civilian partners of fallen IDF soldiers will receive days off

Civilian partners of fallen IDF soldiers will receive days off

Aliza Lavie: “Repairing historical injustice: Recognition is a critical component of the rehabilitation process.”

For the first time, civilian partners of fallen IDF soldiers will receive seven-days leave during the shiva (mourning period) and a day off for the Memorial Day, following a request by MK Aliza Lavie (Yesh Atid) to the Commissioner. MK Lavie: “Another giant step in alleviating bereavement, which calls on all employers to take part.”

This morning, a new procedure was published by the Civil Service Commission. This procedure recognizes the the status of partners of fallen IDF soldiers, Israeli police, Israeli prison service guards, and the Israeli security services. The procedure will recognize the rights of partners to additional days of mourning, and a right to commemorate the Memorial Day.

In wake of Operation Protective Edge, the lack of recognition or official status for the girlfriends and fiances of fallen IDF soldiers became evident. With regards to the first stage of this procedure, MK Lavie worked with the army to create a regulation, whereby the IDF notifies the companions and families of the fallen soldiers, and grants additional mourning days and entitles all to psychological treatment if necessary. Up until now, eligibility for additional mourning days has applied to soldiers who are the partners of fallen soldiers, but not to civilians. Owing to MK Lavie’s persistent work and appeals to the Acting Commander of Civil Service, Udi Prawer, this procedure is starting to take shape. By the end of the process, the new procedure will be adopted and will apply to all citizens of the state.

MK Aliza Lavie (Yesh Atid), welcomed the adoption of the procedure:  “Today we are taking another giant step, which will help girlfriends of fallen soldiers deal with the worst possible scenario. These important corrections sharpen the realization that the bereavement and pain cannot be ignored even if the girlfriend doesn’t wear a ring. It is not a question of days off to mourn, but of official recognition and understanding from the establishment and from society – which are an integral part of the process of healing and rehabilitation. I thank the Civil Service Commission and Commissioner Udi Prawer for their commitment to the issue and to seeking its implementation by all employers.”

“A Girlfriend Left Behind,” the Association for the Psychological Support for Girlfriends of Fallen IDF soldiers, stated: “The organization welcomes the decision of the State Commission and thanks MK Aliza Lavie for her work on behalf of the IDF soldier’s spouses”

This decision corrects a 70 year old injustice, and recognizes the status of those in distress after losing the people closest to their hearts.

The recognition and eligibility of the days of mourning and remembrance allows a partner to mourn his or her loved one in a proper manner without having to justify herself to her peers in her workplace.


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