Identifying Signs of Violence

Identifying Signs of Violence

350 instructors and managers in Studio C will join the training project
To identify signs of violence led by MK Aliza Lavie
On Tuesday, 25 November, MK Aliza Lavie (who has a future) and Ashkenazy-Rivitt, the CEO of Studio C, signed a project to train 350 network managers and mentors, To identify signs of violence among women, as part of the overall struggle against domestic violence.
The network’s employees join the groundbreaking initiative launched a year ago, in which workers and employees in the community – who are in close proximity to their clients – are capable of identifying signs of violence among women. The project, initiated by the Association of Cosmeticians and Blinds in Mikvehs, is now joined by the co-directors and directors of the Studio Studio chain. During the training, the counselors will be exposed to characteristics and signs of economic, physical and mental violence, familiarity with the barriers and difficulties of these women, as well as familiarity with the care prov

iders and the existing aid organizations.
“The counselors meet many women every day, and I am happy that they join the initiative that I am leading to recruit key figures in the community to join the fight against violence. The coaches will be trained to identify cases of fear of violence against women in order to provide assistance, and with appropriate tools they have tremendous power to help. ”
Director of Studio C, Smadar Ashkenazi-Rivit: “The Coaching Team, the instructors and the managers of Studio C are attentive to the needs of women and are committed to providing them with professional service and close supervision. It is only natural that we should also pay attention to their personal situation and act to ensure that no kind of violence is used against them. In order to combat violence against women, the issue must be raised on the public agenda and public relations should be carried out – and this is exactly what will be done in the near future. ”

“The community has tremendous power to save lives. I hope that more gyms and other community elements will join the project and help save lives. Unfortunately, the national plan for the prevention of violence is being delayed, and meanwhile more women are being murdered and injured. Creative thinking outside the box will help increase awareness, harness the immediate environment, and prevent the next tragedy. “


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