IDF Admissions committee

IDF Admissions committee

MK Aliza Lavie (Yesh Atid ), member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense committee, welcomed the establishment of the investigation team for the report of the IDF’s Admissions committee:

“The chief of staff, who ordered the establishment of a team to examine the findings of the harsh report by Major General Barak, did well, and the constant study and correction are part of the essence of the IDF and the basis for its readiness and success. This is one of the most important documents published, shedding light on the very worrisome processes that have been going on in the ground forces in recent years, and the manpower crisis in the IDF, which are far from the public eye, but have critical implications for the IDF’s preparedness and readiness for years to come. Therefore, this report is a wake-up call to the entire system – to the army, to the political echelon, and to us as the Foreign Affairs and Defense committee, and congratulates the chief of staff on the initiative to lead a process of investigation.


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