Shaked unveils ‘historic’ bill to fine clients of prostitutes

Shaked unveils ‘historic’ bill to fine clients of prostitutes

MK Aliza Lavie: “A historic moment and a moral Statement against a destructive industry”

According to the bill, clients paying for prostitution will be fined NIS 1,500 the first time they are caught and NIS 3,000 if they are caught a second time within three years of their first offense, with the option of an increased fine at court.

Alongside the law, Justice Minister Shaked promises to bring to the government’s approval a decision to fund rehabilitation services and education programs on the subject.

The memorandum of the law was presented this morning for the first time the Subcommittee on Combating Trafficking of Women and Prostitution.
The Subcommittee chair, MK Lavie: “This is a historic and emotional moment when the state finally makes an ethical and values statement against the phenomenon and its destructive consequences for thousands of women, girls, and boys and for our entire society law will help reduce the demand of prostitution’ clients and to rehabilitate and reintegrate many women into society.
Lavie added: it is urgent to advance the bill in the Knesset immediately, before the parliament is dispersed and elections are initiated. I am convinced that through a combination of legislation, effective enforcement, rehabilitation, education and public awareness, we will significantly reduce the extent of the phenomenon”
Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked: “Today we are sending a message that trafficking women and purchasing prostitution services are out of bounds. Using prostitution services is morally wrong, offensive and objectifies women’s bodies. the legislation was part of a wider government plan that will include rehabilitation programs for both sex workers and their customers.
“Prostitution needs to be handled much more broadly, which we will be doing in the months to come,”.
Shaked said she would chaperone the bill in the first reading before it becomes law by the end of the current legislative session.
If passed, the law would go into effect for a five-year trial period, during which law enforcement would study its effectiveness.


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