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Esther: From beauty queen to leader

Dr. Aliza Lavie – former Member of Knesset, scholar, entrepreneur, and activist – reveals an episode from her new book, Iconic Jewish Women

12 Remarkable Jewish Women

These remarkable Jewish women have shown extraordinary leaders, offered comfort and hope, and injected creativity into the Jewish world.

Iconic Jewish women gather to celebrate release of new, empowering bat mitzva book

At a book launch in Jerusalem, Dr. Aliza Lavie says her new compilation is for ‘bat mitzvah girls of all ages’ who want to delve deep into their ancient heritage

Former MK calls to honor Jewish heroines on International Women’s Day

“We are starting a cycle of knowledge together for Jewish heroines to be remembered.”

Jewish conversion law aside, we need to respect each other first

At the “entrance gate” to the Jewish people stand those who prefer to live in social ghettos and avoid seeing the vital national value of conversion.

“My mother made me do it”

If Seth Rogen is so good at listening to his mom, how did he miss out on the Jewish (and Zionist) identity he was supposed to get at home?

After the vaccine

COVID-19 has brutally exposed the existing rifts in Israeli society: We need to learn to appreciate each other again; we need to find our common language

Between us girls (and boys too)

Israel is having a hard time establishing gender parity in government; would quotas for women in key positions expedite the process?

When a family is in crisis, the situation needs to be resolved as a family.

When a family is in crisis, the situation needs to be resolved as a family: through talking about it, arguing points and reinstating trust among ourselves.

Israel Elections: Only 21% of 2009 Knesset still in politics – study

The data presented by the IDI represents an abnormally high turnover rate in the Israeli political system.


Sun sets on archetypical ‘Jewish mother’

MK Lavie heads to Norway: celebrating Israel’s independence and strength relations

The Israeli delegation of MKs heads to Norway to celebrate Israel’s 70th year of independence and new friendships

Tomorrow’s job market: are we ready?

Technology, Machines, and accordingly the job market are rapidly changing and many occupations are at risk of disappearing. Are we prepared for this?

Moving Israel to the Forefront of Women’s Rights

Approval for new Bill to be passed incriminating clients of prostitution

Feminism in Israel | Gender equality and the status of women in Israel

A Personal interview with MK Aliza Lavie – Feminism, gender equality and how she views the status of women in Israel today. Interviewed by Calev Ben Dor

MKs seek to let Israeli courts sanction non-citizen recalcitrant husbands

Israeli lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow the country’s rabbinical…

The girlfriends of fallen IDF soldiers: The pain that never goes away

MK Lavie discusses the distress of IDF fallen soldiers’ fiances. and State responsibility for them

America is not immune from anti-Semitism

MK Aliza Lavie about the recent antisemic incidents in the US, and what is expected to be done from the two leaders

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