Diaspora Affairs meeting at the President’s home

Diaspora Affairs meeting at the President’s home

MK Lavie: “Our work is beginning too late”

MK Lavie participated today in an important event regarding Diaspora Affairs, held at the home of the President of Israel. A discussion panel was held, which included over 100 educators, wherein MK Lavie fielded questions about diaspora relations and spoke about strengthening ties to Jewish people abroad.

Today, MK Lavie was invited to an exciting event at the Residence of the President of the State of Israel to speak on a panel on Diaspora Affairs.

The event was hosted in conjunction with the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and welcomed over 100 educators from across the world including Israeli journalist Dana Weiss, who lead the panel.

MK Lavie answered questions regarding the difficulties that face Diaspora Jewry, such as anti-Semitism and the BDS campaign and also spoke about her own grandmothers’ difficulties while living in Israel.

MK Lavie stated that Jews have a responsibility to work together, in order to find solutions to the community’s greater problems, and that we can accomplish this though education. Moreover, Judaism is rich with great teachers and many inspirational educators who are willing to teach youth about Zionism, cultivating one’s love for Israel and about our history and traditions. According to MK Lavie, this understanding is essential for the preservation of a Jewish future.

MK Lavie: “The youth organizations that we have, particularly in the US are brilliant at connecting youth to Israel, but there are not enough, and they are usually too late to the game when they begin their work.”

We can only hope that by working together with Jewish organizations, Jewish leaders and Jewish educators, we can reach our Jewish communities and share the burdens that we face as well as our beautiful history and religion.


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