Murder In Netanya

Murder In Netanya

MK Aliza Lavie (Yesh Atid) referred to another murder in Netanya last night: “Government criminal neglect. The double murder was written in a giant on the wall, there are solutions, but the government spends time. The next murder around the corner.


In 2013, I established the inter-ministerial committee for the prevention of violence against women, which did basic work. There is a professional program to prevent violence, there is a budget but there is no implementation and cooperation between the ministries. There is no choice but to establish the National Authority for the Prevention of Violence immediately. In addition, there is a practical tool that can help save a life that has been on the table for nearly three years: my bill for electronic cuffing of a suspect of violence under a restraining order that will alert you when the suspect is approaching the range that is endangering the woman. The proposal has already passed a preliminary reading and is waiting for someone to wake up while the government offices are running with extreme indifference.


In less than a week, two women were murdered by their partners in Netanya, joining a list of 18 other women murdered since the beginning of the year. We must do everything to prevent the next disaster. “


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