Aliza Lavie actively tries to restore national unity and togetherness in the Israeli public based on shared identity, culture, and history, and she tries to reduce the tribal, political, social class differences, and religious divisions in Israel. She believes that a strong focus on these issues is the key component in ensuring that the Jewish and democratic cornerstones of the State of Israel remain strong.

Regarding the issues of religion and state, Lavie emphasizes the need to preserve the elements of Jewish culture and identity in public, while creating a Jewish-Israeli space that contains and allows for all population groups and denominations. She believes that the Knesset should avoid legislation on these issues—as much as possible—because of the potential danger of further divide, and instead think of ways to promote agreements through an ongoing dialogue in the spirit of the ‘social contract’. Lavie believes that in even the most toughest cases of clashes between religion and state, it is possible to extract insights from the past, and create innovative and practical solutions tailored to the specific situation.

Lavie stresses the necessity of preserving and strengthening relations with Diaspora Jews, and thinks that it is strategically valuable to maintain and defend Israel and Judaism all around the world. In the political arena, she works to strengthen the role of Israel’s connection to the entire Jewish world, to avoid legislation that conflicts with Diaspora Jewish sentiment, and to craft initiatives in this spirit of bringing the Jewish Diaspora closer to Israel. Lavie points to the current period as an era of deep crisis in relations between Israeli Jewry and World Jewry, and strongly believes that correcting this crucial relationship is one of the most significant challenges of our time.

Regarding gender issues, Lavie emphasizes the need to narrow the wage gap and to increase the representation of women in key positions in government, military, law, academia and business. This comes from a deep belief that the integration of women is a critical component to strengthening social equity and increasing productivity and growth in the economy as a whole.

Aliza Lavie’s primary focuses are on education, the fight against the delegitimization of Israel, strengthening the civil-military relations in Israeli society, family values and parental responsibility, the struggle for a free media, freedom from foreign interests, dealing with the challenges of the changing labor market, and adapting to the 21st century.

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