A historic step: The law prohibiting prostitution was approved upon the first reading

A historic step: The law prohibiting prostitution was approved upon the first reading

Chairman of the Subcommittee for Combating Trafficking in Women and Prostitution MK Aliza Lavie (Yesh Atid) "This is a significant step, which is part of a monumental historical process of values ​​against oppression and exploitation that are harsh against women and against people in general, which perpetuates the bodies and souls of those who are found In this inferno "


The law is a sharp moral and social statement- the woman's body is not a commodity in traffic. 2018 must be the year of the Gospel. The New Year has become a year of gospel for thousands of women and pills.


Throughout years of parliamentary struggle, close cooperation with the field organizations, led to the moving moment in the Knesset plenum when the law passed by a majority vote. The bill is first and foremost a moral and moral decision. A decision that defines the character and character of the society in which we live. The law will help reduce the demand for prostitution that is the driving force behind the industry, in rehabilitating and reintegrating them into a community of women and girls trapped in the continuum of prostitution.


The Prohibition on Prostitution Law is an opportunity to place Israel in line with a group of advanced countries that have already made it clear that prostitution is an unacceptable norm with unacceptable consequences for thousands of women and girls and society.


The figures speak for themselves – about a year ago, a bill passed by MK Aliza Lavie, for incriminating clients and rehabilitating women from prostitution in a preliminary reading. The report reported a decrease in the presence of prostitution consumers and prostitution activity in central centers, indicating that the law has a deterrent effect. It is significant and demonstrates how a public discourse about the damage caused by prostitution begins to change the reality of years.


MK Aliza Lavie: "I call upon the justice minister to save people and to act to promote the law for second and third readings and to make history. We are in a particularly critical period, both in terms of continuing its promotion under the rule of continuity in the event of the dispersal of the Knesset, and the immediate implications on the ground. At the same time, approval of the law must come alongside two other components – rehabilitation and education. A rehabilitation mechanism that provides a basket of therapeutic and rehabilitative tools for women who may be harmed by the change and the rescue of women from the circle, and education about the implications of the phenomenon from an early age. Our children should learn that prostitution is synonymous with exploiting women and harming their bodies and souls. I am convinced that by integrating effective enforcement, appropriate rehabilitation basket, education and raising public awareness, we will dramatically reduce the extent of this phenomenon.


"I would like to thank Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, who joined the struggle, participated in the committee's deliberations, harnessed the staff of her ministry, who showed exceptional commitment and established an inter-ministerial committee that examined the issue in depth."



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