Innovative Technology=Better Life For Women

Innovative Technology=Better Life For Women

MK Aliza Lavie (Yesh) on the Publication of the Memorandum of the Government Law on the Electronic Cuffing Law: A Three-Year Struggle Begins – The Life of Women will no longer go to waste


The “electronic cuffing” bill I raised three years ago is a life-saving law – implementing innovative technology that enables integrated assistance and response. Both the attacker and the woman will carry electronic devices. The attacker will wear a handcuff, and the woman will have a monitor attached to the handcuff. If the proximity of the two exceeds the distance required by the defense order or the restraining order, the device will automatically send a distress signal to the security forces and to the woman herself.

In such events, only a few minutes change the result, and prevent a disaster. More important than any handcuff will provide them with a sense of security.


These are significant moments in my political work. I will continue to act and will not let go until the law is fully implemented. Many women and children in Israel live in fear and violence, and can not wait any longer.



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