On the moving of the United States and Guatemalan Embassies to Jerusalem

On the moving of the United States and Guatemalan Embassies to Jerusalem

An historic day for Jerusalem, Israel, and the world

The relationship between the world’s two largest Jewish communities, America and Israel, has been a priority for me throughout my time in the Knesset, and I am certain that the decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem is an important step towards strengthening this relationship. As we’ve come to understand, denying history and denying reality do not promote peace, but rather, undermine it. In the last decades, we’ve continually attempted to make strides towards peace. The same tools were used over and over again, ​but the situation has ​not changed​. This monumental decision fulfills generations of the Jewish people’s longing for the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s rightful capital, and I am optimistic that this new approach is an important step towards peace. President Trump presented us with this gift in honor of the country’s seventieth birthday, and in doing so, he has already opened the door for Guatemala to do the same, and I hope and believe that he has opened the door for more nations to follow in his footsteps, and move their embassies to Jerusalem as well. I pray together with the United States, Guatemala, and the world that as the prophet Isaiah said: “nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they know war anymore.” ​May we continue to work together towards a shared vision of peace and prosperity.

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