No to the Polish Bill, Lavie visits Strasbourg

No to the Polish Bill, Lavie visits Strasbourg

In a series of sessions this week, MK Lavie has represented the Knesset in the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, discussing the present situation within the Middle East and the tension on the Gaza border. In addition, a session on the Polish law was also discussed.

While on a visit to Europe, MK Lavie participated in a session at the Council of Europe whereby a discussion was held on the events in Gaza. Lavie regarded this latest campaign as a one of slander and lies.

During this session, held in the subcommittee of the Council of Europe’s Middle East Political Committee, MK Aliza Lavie discussed Israel being reprimanded for excessive use of force and harming innocent people during the recent events along the border with Gaza: “Unfortunately, many in Europe are buying the campaign of vilification and lies by the Palestinians and not by the peace process. They do not see the systematic attempts of a terrorist organization to break through the fence and harm Israeli sovereignty, while the IDF is doing everything in its power to avoid harming civilians. Hamas exploits children and women and uses them as human shields and deliberately threatens civilians, therefore, they are responsible for the consequences of the events. This obsessive preoccupation with Israel does not bring peace closer but instead, does the exact opposite and encourages the Palestinians to continue to attack Israel in international forums. “

In addition to the Gaza session, the ongoing debate with regards to the Polish law was added to the agenda at the Council of Europe and took place today owing to MK Lavie’s initiative. The ramifications of the Polish law and the spread of antisemitism on the continent were discussed.

Aliza Lavie signaled the devastating impact of the Polish Law.  ‘The Polish law has devastating consequences. The call to revoke it must be shared by us all.’ Upon the request of MK Dr. Aliza Lavie (Yesh Atid Party), the Political Committee met at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to discuss the Polish law and its various implications. MK Lavie explained the dangerous ramifications of this law.

‘’There is no dispute of the role of thousands of poles saving the lives of Jews. However, it is absolutely forbidden to deny the involvement of Poles in the crimes of the Nazis and the murder of nearly a quarter of a million Jews during the Holocaust.’’
Lavie added: ‘‘We stand here in the name of historical truth, in the name of honour of the murdered and the survivors, but also to show the far-reaching consequences that this law may have. There is a real concern that such a law, which is accepted in one country, will gradually seep into other countries in the world. The alarming rise in anti-Semitic incidents in Europe in recent times only sharpens the need to fight for historical truth, to tell the story and to renounce manifestations of hatred, incitement and harm to Jews anywhere in the world. This is not just a ‘Jewish problem.’’ The call to abolish the law must be shared by us all to prevent the recurrence of past atrocities and to ensure a better future for our children.

Towards the end of the discussion, some Polish representative expressed dissatisfaction with the remarks however, they expressed their willingness to hold a joint discussion on youth education and historical study.


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